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Part II - Hashkafa - Ikarei Emunah
  1. Introduction: “What” of Yiddishkeit versus “Why” of Yiddishkite

  2. Ma'amad Har Sinai - How we know it happened - it was 3,500 years ago!

  3. Bereishis till Egypt - Why Bnei Yisroel believed “Moshe’s version” of the   first 2,000 years of the history of the world.

  4. Torah SheBiksav - How we know every word was dictated by Hashem?

  5. J.C. - How we know he did not change it all? We are a minority - how can billions of people can be wrong?

  6. Am Nivchar - Chosen People: But there are “bad” Jews and “nice” goyim!
    Miracle of Jewish Survival

  7. Summation of this section; Why Jewish Nation suffers if we are Hashem’s Chosen People?

  8. Torah SheBaal Peh and the Mesorah:
    - What constitutes Torah SheBaal Peh?
    - How do we know there must be a Toshbap?
    - Why was it given Baal Peh davka?:
    - If so - why was it written down?
    - If it was handed down orally for so long, how do we know there was no “broken telephone” in the mesorah?

  9. Machlokes; Eylu v’Eylu; Asey Lecha Rav; Lo Sasur Yamin Usemole
    - If there was no “broken telephone” - How did machlokes arise?
    - Eylu V’Eylu - How can opposite opinions both be “correct”?
    - So if both opinions are “Divrei Elokim”, practically what do I do?
    -How can all those different opinions get along?
    - What if psak does “not make sense”? Lo Sasur

  10. Medrash Agadah - Meforshi HaTorah:
    How can they argue about what happened?
    Why didn’t Hashem just write the story clearly?

  11. Materialism

  12. Tzadik V’ra Lo
    - All that happens cannot be simply random with no plan
    - But if so, why can’t we understand Hashem’s plan?
    - Ramchal - Hashgacha Pratis - possible reasons why “bad” things happen.
    - Can davening or zechusim change one’s situation - and why?
    - Why does Hashem turn down our requests?
    - But the concept of an unchangeable Mazal Elyon seems unfair!
    - But if a tefilah did not change that Mazal Elyon, what did we gain by davening?

  13. Bechira Chofshis
    - What is and what is not bechira - Kuntres Habechira
    - Positive power of making mistakes
    - yediyah ubechira

  14. Appendix I - Additional sources: responses to “refutations and critics” of the materials presented here.

  15. Appendix II- Ramchal - Hashgacha Ishis

  16. Appendix III - Nekudas HaBechira explained - and its importance in healthy religious growth for teens and how we educate our students.

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