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  • How much does the whole live course cost?
    $1,200 USD for the year. This includes a weekly class, all source materials and unlimited email and/or phone consultation. Ask your school if they have received a school discount code.
  • Can the course fees be paid out?
    Yes, it can be paid out in installments.
  • What is the length of the course, and how often does it take place?"
    The Course will run for approximately 25 classes, on a once a week basis with breaks for Yomim Tovim and school vacations. Each class is 90 minutes, with an optional Question and Answer session following. Click here to see tentative course calendar.
  • What days of the week are the classes offered on, and at what times?"
    There are two possible time slots: Tuesdays at 2:00 pm EST and Tuesdays at 8:30 PM EST
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    All classes are recorded, and the video is available for those who miss a class (or for those who would like to review a class). The video will be available for a specific amount of time via Google Drive. There will be a few classes that are mandatory and will not be available via video for participants who were unable to attend.
  • Can I attend a different class if I have a scheduling conflict?
    Yes. If you have a reason that you are unable to attend a class during your regular time slot, you will be able to join the other time slot.
  • So, can I just watch the videos and not attend the live classes?"
    No. The course works best when it is live and interactive. The videos are for the occasional time someone must miss a class.
  • What topics are covered?
    Click here to see the curriculum.
  • Is the course geared for experienced teachers or new teachers?
    This course will enhance the chinuch of ALL teachers - regardless of age and subject they teach. Click here for what your peers say about the course.
  • Is this course only for classroom teachers?
    Though the course is geared mainly for classroom teachers of grades 6 - 12 (both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies), Principals, social workers, therapists, people who work in summer camps with teens, and Kallah teachers have found the insights, mindsets, skills and information to be very beneficial. Click here to see what you peers are saying about the course.
  • What technology do I need to participate in this course?
    You need a webcam and internet access. You could use a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You also will need the program Zoom - but once you register for the sample class or the course - you will be sent the link and all instructions. It is VERY user friendly.
Any other questions? Just e-mail me
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