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Message from HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits shlita


"Rabbi Feigenbaum gives over hashkafa as well as

practical advice about how

to best educate"
- Queens, NY

Rabbi Feigenbaum's vast knowledge base, combined with his uniquely captivating and lively teaching style, make his shiurim illuminating and compelling. With three members of my staff taking the course this year, it is clear to see how the range of mechanchos, from novice teacher to the seasoned veteran, leave Rabbi Feigenbaum's classes feeling informed and invigorated, having absorbed crystal clear Torah lessons that they can readily distill to their eager students.

- Rabbi Y. Zweig
Principal, Bais Yaakov, Baltimore


Those of us who seek to educate and inspire the precious children of this generation find ourselves confronting two formidable obstacles: 1. The lack of Emunah Peshuta, including a basic understanding of the mission of Klal Yisrael and our relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and 2. The lack of personal relationship with HKB'H, and feeling loved by Him and inspired to be close to Him.


We struggle with these challenges every day. Rabbi Feigenbaum deals head on with both problems by presenting an organized, clear, step by step curriculum to fill in all the gaps in Emunah and basic Yedios. Any girl that will be taught these concepts will immediately see herself in a different light. She will develop a sense of her chashivus and her responsibility to HKB'H and to the Jewish people..


An added bonus to those mechanchos who take these classes is that they, too, will be inspired and uplifted as they deal with the profound concepts that are being presented.


Halevai that every single Jewish girl (and teacher) should be familiar with the material in the Shiras Sarah curriculum!


- Mrs. Miriam Feldman

Principal, Temima High School Atlanta

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful, clear, thoughtful, and incredibly relevant course I had the privilege of joining. You have such a keen insight into the minds and hearts of today's frum teen, and you maximize that so effectively with this program. 


I was also so taken with your approach; with the honesty about where the girls are actually at in their ruchniyus and other areas of their life, and with the willingness to meet them there so you can have authentic and genuinely impactful dialogue with them.  It made an impact on the way that I think about and address my students, and aside from the hashkafic clarity it provided, the course made me more confident about engaging my students as a person and not a principal.


I feel that even after the age of prophecy, every dor has its "nevi'im," the people who speak the sometimes painful truths that the generation needs to hear. You are certainly one of those people, and your message comes with such strength because it is so true and so deeply relevant to chinuch today. Your message was about real chinuch, stripped of the politics and all the other hard things that distract us; it is what we entered this field to accomplish. 


May HKB"H bentsch you with tremendous hatzlacha in this and all your other endeavours, and I hope we are all zoche to see the impact it makes on Klal Yisrael!


- Mrs. Penina Teitelbaum

Principal, Atara Girls HS - Cincinnati 

Rabbi Feigenbaum’s course expounds on the ancient fundamentals of our faith in a contemporary and user friendly style perfect for present-day adolescents. He takes every query seriously, and after exploring pressing issues, he leaves no doubts to the veracity of our tradition.  His course is thorough and leaves no questions unanswered and no subject taken for granted. His topics are eye opening, thought provoking, and will surely prove very helpful in being mechanech bnos Yisroel.


- Mrs. Chaya Gitty Kohn

Junior High Principal, Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School, Cleveland

I was so excited when I saw Rabbi Feigenbaum's course advertised and knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be part of. Having years of experience in chinuch habanos, the topics we learn and cover are relevant, interesting, and always on-target. As a teacher and principal, these issues come up in both my classroom and those of my teachers. Having a deep understanding of them and how to address them is a tremendous tool. I have learned so much throughout the course and consider it almost a prerequisite to teaching young women today. Wishing Rabbi Feigenbaum continued hatzlacha in his avodas hakodesh!

- Mrs. Meira Federgrun,
Principal, Shalhevet Girls High School, Vancouver, BC

Rabbi Feigenbaum's communication of ideas is well organized and extremely relate-able.  The course curriculum covers topics crucial to student development and empowers teachers with the concepts and resources necessary to impart them.  Rabbi Feigenbaum's keen understanding of students, as well as his wealth of experience, allows him to coach teachers in a presentation, which anticipates students' questions, and explains these complex topics effectively.  


- Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein
Bais Yaakov, Baltimore

More than information and sources, this course has helped me gain an understanding of the teenage mind, what our girls need to become ovdei Hashem, and how to convey our Mesorah in a relevant way.

- Mrs. Nechoma Birnbaum

Temima HS, Atlanta

The Shiras Sara course is an opportunity to learn and get clarity about the most important topics in Yiddishkeit. These subjects are essential to our commitment to Torah. When a teacher can confidently answer her students' questions with a logical and clear explanation while making them feel accepted and respected, it is extremely significant for them. Through his thorough curriculum, Rabbi Feigenbaum gives us tools to teach our students to accept themselves and prepare them for life. Shiras Sara helps us give our students an appreciation for the Torah and the sweetness of its ways. With in-depth coverage of topics ranging from proofs of the Divinity of the Torah, to accepting our mistakes, to questions about struggles of today, this course covers all the bases.

The perfect choice for any teacher who truly wants to reach her students and help them discover the truth and beauty of Torah and the life that comes with it.

- Miss Yocheved Bechhofer
Bais Yaakov High School, Indiana


This course is terrific for several reasons. One, Rabbi Feigenbaum explains Ikrei Emunah that we all know, but in a very clear, precise (and often amusing) way. Two, his sources are a great resource.  These are pieces from a wide variety of sefarim that I would not otherwise access. Three, he is REAL. These are actual topics that do come up in young women in high school and beyond.

- Mrs. Sara Back

Bais Yaakov High School, Baltimore


This course is made for teachers who care deeply about chinuch habanos and who see it as a pressing issue for the Jewish people. Rabbi Feigenbaum gives over hashkafa as well as practical advice about how to best educate students. The material has been helpful in my own life as a growing Jew, as well as in the classroom. The ideas and overall perspective about who a teacher is and should be for their students has had the greatest impact of all. Thank you!


- Ms. Esty Saklad
Bnos Malka, Queens


Shiras Sarah empowers mechanchos with the skills to convey fundamental hashkofah concepts to today's students. Participants of the Shiras Sarah initiative emerge equipped to lead, guide and inspire the next generation of Jewish women. This program will change you, imbuing you with a deeper, more developed awareness of your role in chinuch habanos, and will enhance your ability to reach your talmidos in effective, powerful and lasting ways.

- Ms. Shira LeVine
Director of Education, Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, Cleveland Heights, OH

When my friends ask me what Rabbi Feigenbaum’s Chinuch course is like, I answer that it is my weekly Chizuk! For anyone in Chinuch, the Shiras Sarah course is a great way to be uplifted and connect to other teachers in the same boat. This connection happens because of the tone that Rabbi Feigenbaum sets for all his classes- real and authentic. Often discussing what it means to teach people instead of just information, the weekly courses provide much room for interactive questions and group discussion. I have gained much from Shiras Sarah both personally and as a teacher, and I highly recommend others joining the group!


- Miss Chana Mulivor

Ateres HS – Monsey

Participating in the Shiras Sarah course provided me with the knowledge base and sources for fundamentals in Yiddishkeit.  We need to be well equipped to empower our girls to be Bnos Yisroel in this ever changing and what can be confusing world.  Shiras Sarah provides the vital tools to those in Chinuch Habanos to make a positive impact on the next generation!  Thank you Rabbi Feigenbaum.


- Ms. Yocheved Belsky

Educational Consultant, Cleveland

Rabbi Feigenbaum’s Shiras Sarah course should be a prerequisite for anyone involved in chinuch. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I felt pretty comfortable with my confidence in yiddeshkeit and ability to teach. I now realize how much I did not know and how important it is for a teacher to have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of all important topics in Yiddeshkeit, regardless of the subject he/she teaches. After every class, I walk away with a clarity that positively impacts my teaching as well as my own personal avodas Hashem. This backbone affords me much greater confidence when standing in front of the classroom then I ever had before. I am extremely grateful to Rabbi Feigenbaum for founding this much needed initiative, and I highly suggest all teachers (and parents!) to get on board.

- Ms. Ruchy Rosen

Machon BY Brooklyn

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