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Book Rabbi Feigenbaum to speak at your next Shabbaton, Staff PD or Community Program!

Rabbi Feigenbaum has done programs in a variety of venues and for a broad range of audiences. Combing a keen awareness of the needs of each type of audience, he uses his dynamism, sense of humor and depth of understanding of Hashkafa and human nature, to create riveting lectures on a broad range of topics. Invariably, participants come away inspired, educated and enlightened. A signature element of his educational style is that he always asks to be the last speaker Friday night at school shabbatonim. Even though that usually means he starts speaking at 10:30 or even 11:00 pm – he never fails to keep all students engaged – and always has many students then staying to ask further questions and gain more clarity into the topic discussed!


Here is a partial list of Schools and Organizations who have utilized Rabbi Feigenbaum’s talents for students and/or staff and parents:

Amatz Initiative

Ateres HS – Gateshead, England

Bais Chinuch – Stamford Hill, England

Bais Yaakov Convention

Bais Yaakov D’rav Meir  – Brooklyn

Bais Yaakov of Chicago

Bais Yaakov of Scranton

Be’er Miriam – Stamford Hill, England

Beis Yaakov – London, England

Beis Yaakov HS - Manchester, England

Bnos Yaakov – Brooklyn


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Bnos Yisroel – Baltimore MD

Bruriah HS – Elizabeth NJ

Camp Agudah – Toronto

Camp Bnos

Camp Sternberg

CKD - Yerushalayim

Gateshead Seminary - Gateshead, England

Jerusalem Kolel  - Yerushalyim

Machon Ora BY – Passaic NJ

Menorah HS – London, England

Mesilas Bais Yaakov – Brooklyn

Mesorah HS – Dallas TX

Mishmeres – Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Ner L’Elef – Yerushalayim

Prospect Park Bnos Leah HS - Brooklyn

TAG HS – Far Rockaway

Temima HS – Atlanta, GA

TMM  - Far Rockaway

Torah Umesorah - Manchester, England

Torah Umesorah Convention

Yehivas Darchei Torah – Detroit MI

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